Corsican coppa, approx. 0.6 kg

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Corsican speciality made from pork neck and fillet. The meat is inserted into intestines and tied in a net. After traditional curing it rests for about 60 days. During this time it loses about 40% of its original weight. In Corsica, the coppa is wrapped in a cloth soaked in white wine to prevent further drying out and to keep the meat tender. Coppa is mainly used in very thin slices as cold cuts. Without colorants - SANS COLORANT Smoked over chestnut wood smoke and smoke of the heather of BASTELICA ------ Fumé au bois de châtaignier et à la bruyère de BASTELICA. Ingredients / INGREDIENTS : PORK - salt - dextrose - saccharose - spices - ascorbic acid E316 - saltpetre ECHINE DE PORC - sel - dextrose - saccharose - épice - conservateur E316 - salpêtre Product subject to natural dehydration --- PRODUIT SUJET A DESSICCATION. --- the image may differ slightly from the actual coppa and label --- (The label may have a different layout)

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