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Corsican specialties -
a piece of corsica

Coppa, Lonzo, wild boar, ham, ficatelli, honey, jam ... and of course for chestnut lovers the Corsican beer Pietra or Colomba white beer and many other specialties fresh from Corsica.   

The high altitude in the mountains guarantees an intense taste. The Lonzu, the Coppa and also the sausages of our corsican butcher are still handmade and smoked over chestnut wood or heather.

Our products with "Label Rouge" marking guarantee rearing in the open air with complete traceability from birth. "Bio" guarantees meat from organic farming.

The bags filled with macchia/maquis bring you relaxation, strength and the wonderful scent of the island.

The island of Corsica, which is still very traditional, has a decisive influence on the handcrafted food, which is also appreciated and bought by the Corsicans in its originality.

Simply order a piece of Corsica with fresh, good Corsican specialties.


We collect your orders until about the second half of the month and then have the goods delivered to you fresh from the Corsican butcher. Your sausages or hams are not in stock..

The next order deadline this time is Sunday, November 29, 2020, 10 p.m. The next order deadline is then expected to be December 13, 2020. The following order deadline is then expected to be December 13, 2020, so your specialties will be delivered directly to you a good week later. Corsican scented bags, drinks or specialties in a glass are often in stock.


Presentation of our corsican butcher (in french language):