Corsican Lonzo/Lonzu, approx. 0.6 kg

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The Lonzu is made from pork fillet. Two lonzi can typically be obtained from one fillet. The pieces of meat are salted immediately after release and stored in a container in a cool place for four to five days. During this traditional storage, the meat loses water. The pieces are then salted again, peppered and washed with Corsican wine. The fillet is then fixed in the pig's intestine with a net or string. The lonzu is then smoked over chestnut wood and dried for several months. Smoked over chestnut wood smoke and smoke of the heather of BASTELICA - Fumé au bois de châtaignier et à la bruyère de BASTELICA. Ingredients / INGREDIENTS : Without colorants - SANS COLORANT PORK FILET - salt - dextrose - saccharose - spices - preservative ascorbic acid E316 - saltpetre FILET DE PORC - sel - dextrose - saccharose - épices - conservateurs E316 - salpêtre product is subject to natural dehydration - PRODUIT SUJET A DESSICCATION. --- the image may differ slightly from the actual lonzo and label --- (The label may have a different layout)

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