Saucissons, Sausages - Charcuterie Corse

Sausages of pork, wild boar, according to traditional recipes: handmade, smoked over chestnut wood and heather wood, the high altitude gives intense flavor. With herbs, as organic, from the Val d'Ese behind Bastelica or very regular Corsican quality. Please note that the label may look different or just hang on the string.

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New Corsican Macchia herb salami / Saucisson aux Herbes du Maquis approx. 250 gr

Product no.: A033

Corsican salami with macchia herbs

8.79 *

New Corsican chestnut salami / Saucisson aux Châtaignes, 250 gr.

Product no.: A0044

Corsican salami with chestnuts

8.79 *

New Corsican myrtle salami / saucisson Corse à la myrtle, about 250 gr

Product no.: A0055

Corsican salami with myrtle

8.79 *

corsican wild boar sausage / SAUCISSON DE SANGLIER about 250 gr.

Product no.: S0076

about 250 gr, wild boar bacon / maigre de sanglier about 70 % - finely sliced it will develop its aroma

8.10 *

corsican ficatelli - FICATELLI PUR PORC, about 250 gr.

Product no.: S0077

Ficatelli/Figatellu - pur 250 gr.

8.10 *

Corsican wild boar sausage Saucisson de Sanglier Val d'Ese - about 250 gr.

Product no.: LR023

From the Val d'Ese: livestock farming in the valley at high altitude for more intense flavors.

8.19 *

Corsican Figatellu Label Rouge - about 250 gr.

Product no.: LR010

"Label rouge" product: animal husbandry in the open air, 100% vegetable food, traceability from birth to slaughter.

8.19 *
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